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Digitalizing the world of barbers in order to save time and offer better services than ever. Make a reservation or manage your barbershop and more, all within a single mobile application.
iOS & Android app development

Client Challenge

FADEUS a party of just a few people who saw an opportunity in the world of Slovak barbers that laid in digitalizing the industry. Even though there were already an existing solutions for making reservations online none of them were focused on barbers. Barbers needed to create their own website, Facebook page or Instagram account to promote themselves. Even though they had an reservation system they were invisible to outside world without them going extra mile. That was a real pain point for the barbers. Furthermore clients of the barbershops also had bad user experience as none of the reservation solutions provided mobile application which is almost a must in modern era. This means that the clients always had to search for the link to the reservation system and then make the reservation without option to order the same service as previously.

Client Opportunity

Instead of focusing only on reservations paying attention also to barbers and their needs was the key. Also taking leverage of modern technologies and not focusing only on web but creating also an mobile application was a must. Fitting all of the barbers craft into a single application while keeping it simple and user friendly for both barbers and their customers was a way to go.

Our Solution

1. Allow barbers to stand out
Allowing barbers to create a profile, join a barbershop and even create a portfolio gallery was a game changer for them. Now they could put all their marketing efforts into a single application. They can also link their social media account to gain new followers. Furthermore they can pay an monthly fee to boost their reach by scoring higher in search results.
2. Leverage the geographic location
In order to provide the most accurate search results and exploration options the application asks the users to allow access to their current location. By utilizing the customer location the application can show relevant barbers and barbershops.
3. Let customers explore, make a reservation, pay online & onsite
Customers can easily explore nearby barbershops which can come in handy if the customer just moved to the city or they simply want to find a different barber. After picking a barber of their choice they can make a reservation. The customer see available slots based on the opening hours, current availability and selected service.

The Results

Using the cutting edge technologies like Flutter, the application was delivered in 4 months for both iOS and Android, despite the ever changing requirements from the client. The application communicates using the REST API with the backend server developed by Version Two s.r.o. with whom I collaborated on this project. Last but not least this app wouldn't be half that successful without outstanding design work carried out by Frederik Veselovský.

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