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Networking made effortless using the digital business card. Digital card is shared by simply scanning the QR code directly from the app or tapping the Swopi device to someone's phone.
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Client Challenge

An established business Swopi approached me with a request to create a mobile application for their digital business cards. At the time they had an existing solution limited to only a web. They decided that they want to offer their customers more features as well as upgrade the design to the latest standards. After the initial consultation we agreed to extended solution where I was developing not only the mobile application but also a web application. Using the latest technology Flutter we were able to cut the development price to half comparing to their initial intent to hire one mobile and one web developer.

Client Opportunity

As I mentioned earlier the client was already aware of their biggest opportunity which was to use a mobile application in combination with a web application instead of relying solely on a web. Besides that I helped them to identify other opportunities such as using the Flutter & Firebase as their application was a great fit for those technologies. Another opportunity was to jump on the trend of AI and incorporate it to enhance the user experience even more.

Our Solution

1. Leverage the benefits of mobile application
Allowing users to customize, share and manage their profile and devices within a mobile application was a goal #1 from the get-go. Users don't need to remember any links to websites, repeatedly login or bear any other inconvenience of the web.
2. Unleash the power of cutting edge AI technologies
Using the latest advancement in artificial intelligence we were able to create a business card scanner. It allows users to take a picture of paper business card and by leveraging the image recognition in combination with large language models process the data and add it to contacts.
3. Provide powerful insights
Besides the ability to share their profile the users also have access to analytics and various insights. Those for example include how many times their profile was visited and which links were tapped the most and much more. Users also see how they are standing in comparison to the previous period (e.g. previous week).
4. Incorporate the Apple & Google Wallets
In order to provide the highest flexibility we allow users to save their profile QR code to the wallet. This way they can share their profile offline or even by using their smartwatch to share on the go.

The Results

The result was delivered in a five months which is a bit more than the originally planed three months. The main reason for this was implementation additional features such as NameDrop introduced by Apple in the middle of development. Besides the delayed deployment the application looks gorgeous and provides a great value to both the existing as well as new users. The app is used all around the world to generate leads and share contact information on networking events, business meetings and other occasions. You can check out the application here.

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